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Wireless car charger automatically clamps onto iPhone

Jul 28, 2023Jul 28, 2023

By David Snow • 9:15 am, May 16, 2023

Everybody knows it's dangerous to use your iPhone while driving. In order to do so safely and hands-free, you need a car mount. And what could be better than a wireless charger mount that senses and grabs onto your phone for you? No need to take your eyes off the road to carefully place it just so.

Elago now offers just such an auto-clamping car charger in the Cult of Mac Store.

Using an infrared sensor, Elago's Wireless Car Charger with Auto-Clamping Car Mount automatically senses and clamps onto your iPhone or other smartphone. Just place your phone close to the stand and the levers automatically open to grab it.

To release the phone, all you need to do is press the silver button on either side of the clamp to make it open. Press the lock button in the middle of the stand when the charging pad is not in use and you don't want to activate the mount with hand motion.

Elago's 3-in-1 system comes with a dashboard suction mount and air vent clip. That gives you easy ways to mount the charger to your car's air vent, dashboard or windshield for convenience.

The mount's 360-degree rotation allows for optimum viewing and easy, safe access to your phone's functions, like GPS and phone calls. You can stretch the the arms up to 1.6 inches and turn them up to 180 degrees to get the best viewing angle.

Note that Elago products ship only to the U.S.

Price: $24.99

Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store

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