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Best Google Pixel 7a wireless chargers in 2023

Jul 04, 2023Jul 04, 2023

No more fiddling with the USB cables with these fantastic wireless chargers

The Pixel 7a is Google's newest entrant in the mid-range smartphone space. It packs almost everything you might want in a solid budget Android phone, including a full-HD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate, Google's tried and tested camera prowess, and a powerful chip in the form of Tensor G2. It's also the first Pixel A-series phone to support wireless charging. So if you are planning to buy the phone or have already ordered one, here are the best wireless chargers for the Pixel 7a to make the most of your brand-new phone.

The Anker PowerWave Sense 2-in-1 Station is an excellent wireless charger for not just the Pixel 7a but other devices as well. It includes a stand-type charging spot for smartphones, which can deliver up to 10W wireless charging to compatible devices, and a pad-style spot for earbuds with a wireless charging case. In other features, it uses a USB Type-C port to get power, but you don't get a power brick in the box.

Available in six exciting colors, the Yootech 10W Wireless Charger provides an affordable and wireless way to juice up your Pixel 7a. As a budget option, it doesn't come with a bundled power brick, but you can use a Qualcomm QuickCharge-compatible wall adapter. Apart from 5W charging to Pixel 7a, it can deliver 7.5W to iPhones and 10W to Samsung phones. In other features, it sports a rubber ring to prevent your phone from moving while vibrating because of a call or notification.

As the name suggests, the Gamder Walnut Wood Wireless Charger's shell is made of actual walnut wood, which sets it apart from your typical ABS plastic chargers. It looks great, and you’ll have no trouble charging your phone on it. The Gamder charger also has two coils to support charging in landscape and portrait modes. Sadly, the box has no power brick, and the charger is slightly expensive.

If you want to add a wireless charging spot to your car, the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 is a good option. This car mount with wireless charger securely holds your phone and delivers up to 10W charging, depending on the device. Available with an air vent, CD slot, and dashboard mounts, the Easy One Touch Wireless 2 is simple to use and features an adjustable foot for proper alignment with the charging coil.

This nightlight with a wireless charger from Mooas is an excellent accessory for your bedside table. It has three brightness levels that you can choose with a simple button. And the built-in Qi charger can supply up to 15W charging to compatible devices. Unfortunately, the company doesn't include a power brick, so you’ll have to buy one separately or use one you already own. There are three finishes, including wood.

Besides its PowerWave Sense 2-in-1 Station, Anker also offers a solid portable charger that will come in handy when you're away from a power socket. This power bank can juice up your Pixel 7a via USB Type-A or Type-C ports. But there is also support for Qi wireless charging, so if you don't have a cable around, you can use Qi charging. Additionally, it has a 10,000mAh capacity, which will deliver one full charge and more to your phone.

Although a bit expensive, the Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) is one of the best wireless chargers for Pixel-series smartphones. It's also one of two chargers that can deliver 7.5W charging to the Pixel 7a. The other one is the original Pixel Stand.Being Qi-certified, it’ll work with non-Google devices. Moreover, it comes bundled with a USB-C cable and a 30W Google power brick in the box. So you are ready to charge right out of the box.

This Iniu Wireless Charger Stand does the double duty of a phone mount and wireless charger, and it does both well. The phone mount is helpful and allows you to adjust the angle of the dock to suit your needs. Besides, the charger can juice up your phone in landscape and portrait orientations. Moreover, thanks to its form factor, you can continue using your phone while charging.

This nifty wireless charging desk pad will perfectly complement your computer table. It features a demarcated charging portion, so you won't struggle to align your phone for charging. The desk pad is also big enough to accommodate full-size keyboards and mice. Plus, the anti-fray stitching ensures that it’ll last a long time, and there is a water-resistant coating to account for any unfortunate spillage.

Besides its fantastic car charger, iOttie offers this stylish and premium-looking wireless charging pad that is an excellent option for your Pixel 7a. It has a compact design, and you can purchase it in three exciting colors, including the red version pictured above. You’ll also be happy to know that iOttie bundles everything in the pack, including a power brick, to get you started right out of the box.

The Jsaux 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand has a unique design that allows it to top up your phone in three different positions. Besides, the design solves a problem that plagues many stand-style chargers that struggle to juice up wireless earbuds because of the coil placement. But as the Jsaux can be folded flat, you can charge your earbuds without trouble. More importantly, its two-pack costs less than $20.

Fan of RGB lighting? You’ll like this RapidX Prismo RGB wireless charger. It has built-in LEDs for lighting effects, and you can choose from nine RGB modes. Besides, this pad-style charger is slim and can offer up to 10W charging. You’ll also be happy to know that it uses USB-C for power. But you’ll have to buy your own power brick as the company doesn't bundle one.

Belkin produces high-quality mobile accessories, and the company's 15W Quick Wireless Charging Stand is no exception. It's a good stand-type option with two coils supporting charging in landscape and portrait orientations. It also includes a two-year product warranty and a $2,500 connected equipment warranty. Unfortunately, there is no power brick in the box, but you get a USB-A to USB-C cable to use with your wall adapter.

Bundled with a power brick, the Nanami Wireless Charger Pad comes ready to use. All you have to do is plug it in, and it’ll start topping up your Pixel 7a. Speaking of charging, apart from a 5W power output to the Pixel 7a, it can deliver up to 7.5W to Apple iPhones and 10W to Samsung phones. Additionally, it has a simple and compact design, with an anti-slip rubber on top. So, if you need a no-frills, affordable option, this is worth considering.

Although Google has included wireless charging support in the Pixel 7a, the phone lacks the fast wireless charging of the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. Instead, you get a bare minimum of 5W charging, which you can get from any Qi-compatible wireless charger — so you won't have to look for any special features or specifications in your prospective charger. The only exception to this are the two official Pixel Stands (1st gen and 2nd gen) that can deliver 7.5W charging to the Pixel 7a.

There is no shortage of high-quality wireless chargers that can offer 5W charging to the Pixel 7a. We particularly like the Anker PowerWave Sense 2-in-1 Station. It can simultaneously charge two devices and deliver fast wireless charging to Samsung Galaxy Phones and Apple iPhones. Its stand-type spot for juicing up the phone is also helpful when you want to have a video call while charging or other use the phone.

Budget-conscious buyers will like the affordable Yootech 10W Wireless Charger. It comes in six exciting colors and has a small footprint. But if you are willing to spend a little more, the Gamder Walnut Wood Wireless Charger is excellent. It uses actual wood for the shell, which sets it apart from the other options, and it won't look like an eyesore in your home. Lastly, the Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) is worth considering if you really want 7.5W charging or have a Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7, or 7 Pro in your household. Otherwise, it’ll be an overkill for the Pixel 7a.

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