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Aug 19, 2023Aug 19, 2023

When it comes to charging devices we are all custom to using the equipment provided given we now see less plugs and cables in the boxes now these days, there is many other solutions out there which we have covered many of and you can see some in this video but this option from STM Goods in a one for all solution if you have a phone earbuds and watch which means one cable for the lot instead of three which is excellent for many reasons including a messy work top bedside locker and so on and less cables.

Given this is targeted at the Apple ecosystem it can be used with other devices and we have tried a few to be sure it is certainly an one stop shop for most peoples charging solutions without the mess. It is built well and comes with rubber footing a pop out watch stand and is very portable meaning it can be brought anywhere which I did when testing.

This can be also used in a flat state to charge your phone and watch too which is kinda neat and again makes less clutter around you and your working environment, you could also consume media when it is opened fully which again makes it a great multipurpose piece of tech to have at your disposal, there is also LED lights to show you things are all working too..

Overall this is a must have if you have the products to suit I have used this at home in some hotels and a recent trip to Italy which meant for me less cable less hassle and more space so it is a win win for anyone.



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