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Interesting FlashSpeed PRO 3000 Portable power station launches on Kickstarter

May 24, 2023May 24, 2023

With the increased power demand we are recently seeing an unquestionable rise of popularity of various power station models. From the massive monsters to smaller portable devices, all designed with one goal in mind. To provide the user with a trusty power source for his purposes. And today we can add another one to the list of the interesting ones. Because the FlashSpeed PRO 3000 Portable Home & Outdoor Power Station have just launched through the Kickstarter platform. And it is certainly worth our attention.

The new power station is coming from the VTOMAN brand, who have quite a history with developing and producing battery products. FlashSpeed PRO 3000 sits at the very top of their evolution chain and is aimed both at home and outdoor usage scenarios. And it stands out at a first glance already, thanks to its ultra-portable trolley case design. Such ergonomic suitcase style also has already won the makers the prestigious Golden American Muse Award. You are getting great handy features like specialized AC cable storage space, extandable handle, carrying handle or even a compartment for an extra rechargeable flashlight.

And the specs of the power station are certainly nothing to scoff at. It is equipped with massive 2816Wh capacity, but you can easily connect up to two extra backup ones to extend it as well. And with 2200W output you can power up more or less anything you need both at home or off-grid. FlashSpeed PRO 3000 also features quite remarkable storage unit using LiFePO4 durable battery with lifespan of 4000 cycles. And the LIFEBMS protection system takes care of every safety measure. Charging itself is super fast too, thanks to the 1800W two-way fission input and supports also the solar panels to be eco friendly.

Kickstarter campaign of course comes with a massive benefits, thanks to some super early bird launch prices. So you can get the FlashSpeed Pro 3000 + Rechargeable Flashlight with 60% off for just $1199, down from the retail value of $2998. Or maybe opt for the combo version with FlashSpeed Pro 3000 + SP220W for $1399, which translates to 53% off the retail level of $2999. Eventually go for the extra value combo containing FlashSpeed Pro 3000 + Extra Battery + Rechargeable Flashlight. That will cost you $2399, saving 52% from the full price of $4999. So which one it's going to be ?