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Father's Day 2023 gift guide

Mar 23, 2023Mar 23, 2023

Many dads love anything that has a battery or can be plugged in!

Father's Day will soon be with us (that's Sunday, June 18, if you needed reminding!) and that often leaves sons and daughters everywhere scratching their heads over what to get the 'old man'. Well, not to be too sweeping, but it's a good rule that if it has a battery or can be plugged in then you're going to get a smile.

Dads love tech (even if they do often refuse to read the instructions first) so we have come up with a few ideas from air fryers to advanced headphones that could do the job...

Fiit Tracker powered by Prevayl

If you want to help get your dad in shape and shed a few pounds, then the Fiit Tracker is a high-tech way of getting him more active. Available for £65, the tracker is made by smart wearable specialists Prevayl and can be used alongside Fiit - a UK-based fitness company offering work-out programs and classes.

The ECG sensor itself is a pebble-shaped gadget with a USB port for charging and is worn using a supplied chest strap. It can be used first thing in the morning to evaluate recovery and readiness to train, while it also accurately determines maximum heart rate recovery to better understand your health and fitness levels in real time. The sensor is compatible with any one of the 1,500 connected on-demand workouts available on the Fiit app, accessible via a subscription.

Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Phone Mount Holder

This is an easy way to soup up your dad's car without breaking the bank. This little marvel allows you to charge a MagSafe iPhone (12 onwards) from the dashboard. Attach the magnetic plate to an air vent, and you're away. The charger is built with the usual Belkin quality so it really does keep your phone solidly in place. no matter how bumpy the ride.

You get a cable and an adapter to plug into your car's power outlet. The mount works in both landscape and portrait mode for easy viewing, so as well as charging at a 10W fast rate you can use the phone's navigation functions. You can currently pick one up for £41.99 from Amazon.


The GalaxySmartTag+ is designed be attached to keys, bags or anything that tends to go missing. Connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth you can then hunt them down without having to turn the house upside down. The Ring feature makes the tags let out a siren until you hit stop, while you can use the Search tool to know how strong the signal from the tag is.

They look fine on your keychain and are pretty rugged with an IP53 rating for water resistance. They work well and are competitively priced at £39.95. The battery will last about a year - but is easily replaceable (this is very important). The only limitation is that you need one of the latest Samsung Galaxy phones running Android 11 or later to use them.

PerfectDraft Pro

If your dad's a beer lover the PerfectDraft could be the perfect gift. Coming in two flavours - the PerfectDraft and the PerfectDraft Pro = and currently on offer for as little as £199, these beer machines bring the pub experience home. They are an easy way to enjoy ice-cold pints on tap without opening your front door.

You have a wide range of 6-litre kegs to choose from, including Stella Artois, BrewDog, Corona and Camden, that the machines keep fresh for an impressive 30 days, and maintain a steady temperature, even on the warmest days of the coming summer. The Pro version also comes with a mobile app that has just had a big upgrade and allows you to control your beer from anywhere!

Lenco LBT-225WA Bluetooth turntable

Breathe new life into your old record collection or hop on the vinyl renaissance train with the Lenco. a sturdy, quality beast (currently available from HMV for £349.99) that is really well-designed with a walnut finish and glass turntable. Set up might not be trouble-free if you’re a beginner audiophile, but nothing a quick YouTube search won't solve.

It comes complete with everything you need, while one of the big attractions is the inbuilt Bluetooth so it's very easy and reliable to connect with external speakers or your headphones. You can also hook the turntable to your computer via USB and capture the audio to convert it to an MP3.

SodaStream E-Terra

Trust me: it's highly likely your dad will have fond memories of the SodaStream from when he was a lad. Well, it's never gone away but they look a little different in 2023! There are a few different versions to choose one, but as this is a tech round-up the obvious choice is the E-Terra (available for £144.99 from Amazon). First off, it looks well futuristic (if anything, it reminds me a little of a Star Trek replicator!), and it's also dead simple to use..

You can access three levels of customised carbonation at the touch of a button, and once you do a blue LED light comes on as the machine dramatically pumps these bubbles into your drink. As well as turning water into fizzy water, you can also choose from a selection of flavours including big names such as Pepsi that are available - as well as the gas refills - online as well as in your local supermarket.

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

Belkin is known for its power banks and this is one of the best. A super-portable way of making sure your MagSafe-compatible iPhone isn't going to run out of juice, the Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is on sale for £44 from Amazon. No wires required, all you need to do is slap the charger on the back of your phone and you'll easily be good for the day.

The 5,000 mAH of power isn't the biggest but still delivers over 19 hours of extended video playback for an iPhone 13. The build quality is excellent and the device comes with a very handy fold-out stand for viewing while charging. And because of its small size, teh charger does not get in the way of the camera while in use. And, if you happen to have a wire, you can use the USB-C port for fast charging, too,. which is a nice little extra.

OpenRock Pro by OneOdio

When others stick, OneOdio like to twist and it's no different with these specifically-designed sports headphones that take an unusual approach. They go over the ear but not in the ear, so outside sound can get in by design, making them perfect for cyclists and runners. The build quality is very impressive and - using the charging case - you can get 46 hours of listening time when you're on the go.

The customisable ear hooks can take a little getting used to but remain firmly in place no matter what you're doing, while the physical buttons make a refreshing change and are much, much more reliable than many of its touch control counterparts. And because the sweat-proof headphones use air conduction to get the tunes into your ear rather than the usual bone-conduction headphones, it means they can be without any damage to the ear canal while greatly reducing ear fatigue.. You can pick up the OpenRock Pro for £119.99 from Amazon.

Majority Everest 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound System

Currently on offer for £229.95, the Everest is the UK-based audio specialist Majority's flagship 3D surround sound home system. Powered by Dolby Audio, it generates a dynamic soundscape with detailed directional effects, meaning users can hear sound in different parts of the room.

The system features a 5.25-inch wireless subwoofer plus 300W detachable speakers and a sound bar. Packed full of features, you can simply plug in and play using a range of connectivity options. from HDMI ARC to the latest Bluetooth technology. This also means you can stream music straight from your phone.

COSORI 9-in-1 4.7L Air Fryer

If your dad is a dab hand in the kitchen then the COSORI 9-in-1 Air Fryer could be a winner. Super easy to use, the 4.7-litre fryer features a variety of pre-set functions built-in such as roast chicken, steak, vegetables and chips. You also get a cookbook with 30 recipes included for inspiration.

With a stylish, matte design and tempered glass display, the fryer will also save you money - saving 55% on energy bills compared to using a conventional oven - and help tighten waistlines as well as once cooked, food can contain up to 85% less fat compared to traditional cooking techniques. The air fryer is on sale from Amazon for £106.16.

Lenco PDR-046GY Portable Silver DAB+/FM Radio

This portable DAB radio - built with sustainability as a priority - features Bluetooth technology, so you can enjoy digital sound quality while listening to the radio as well as using it as a portable speaker itself. So you to stream your preferred music from your phone or tablet. With an integrated rechargeable battery that will last several hours, the radio is small enough to carry around.

Sound quality is very decent for its size, and the radio LCD colour display highlights much more information than a traditional FM radio. For example, you can get information about the song that's being played, the radio station, the sports match that's in progress or the current weather. The Lenco is on sale for £109.99 at HMV.

Belkin SoundForm Flow True Wireless Earbuds

Belkin's entry into the wireless active noise cancellation earbud market is a pretty solid, no-nonsense one. The ANC is very decent for the money, while the earbuds also have a hear-thru mode for when you need to talk with others. Connecting them via Bluetooth is super simple and the battery life comes in at 31 hours using the charging case.

The sound quality is impressive, and the earbuds are sweat and water-resistant so good for the gym. The touch controls are typical at what you find at this price point (49.99 from Amazon) and can be a little flakey. A nice feature that sets them apart is that the case can be charged wire-free on any Qi-capable charging pad.