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Does the Motorola Razr+ have wireless charging?

Jun 03, 2023Jun 03, 2023

Motorola's latest Razr+ foldable has eye-catching looks, but how does it fare in terms of wireless charging?

Motorola is re-entering the North American foldable smartphone market with its Motorola Razr+, and it looks like an increasingly capable device. In a foldable space that has been dominated by Samsung, the Razr+ and Motorola have a chance to provide some much-needed competition. The company became the first to take full advantage of the cover screen on a clamshell foldable, which caught the eyes of fans and reviewers alike.

Though it definitely has the chance to become one of the best foldable smartphones in 2023, it has to get the basics right, and that includes power and charging. All the best phones in 2023 have wireless charging, with some boasting impressive speeds. So, how does the Motorola Razr+ compare to the field?

The Motorola Razr+ does support wireless charging, and is Qi-compatible, which means it will work with most wireless chargers. However, it is limited to just 5W wireless charging speeds, which is less than ideal in 2023. Since the Motorola Razr+ supports wired charging speeds up to 30W via USB-C, you probably won't want to charge your Razr+ wirelessly if you're in a rush. Motorola doesn't include a wireless charger in the box, so you'll have to go out and buy third-party accessories to take advantage of that feature.

There's also another caveat that comes with the Razr+'s wireless charging options, and it's a problem that affects all clamshell foldables. Since the Motorola Razr+ folds in half vertically, the wireless charging coils used to power up the device are crammed in the bottom half of the phone. This isn't an issue when the Razr+ is used with flat wireless chargers, but can become a problem when using wireless charging stands. Most wireless charging stands place their wireless charging coils in the center of the stand, since most traditional smartphones place their wireless charging coils in the center of the phone. But, since clamshell foldable have their coils in the bottom, phones like the Razr+ might not line up right with common wireless charging stands.

Motorola says that you can get all-day battery life out of the Razr+, which includes some standby time. The foldable smartphone packs a 3,800 mAh battery, which is a bit low for most phones, but is about on-par with foldables of this size. In fact, last year's Motorola Razr (2022) had a 3,500 mAh battery, so the Razr+ has a significantly bigger battery than that model. But since the new Razr+ also has a bigger cover screen than last year's Razr, it will probably draw more power. As such, battery life on the Motorola Razr+ will likely be similar to that of last year's Motorola Razr (2022).

Motorola unveiled the Razr+ on June 1, 2023, alongside a cheaper Razr 40 foldable. The Razr+ will hit shelves in the United States starting June 23, but there is no official release date set for the Razr 40 at this time. European markets will get the new Razr+ and Razr 40 models before North America, though.

The Moto Razr+ is a slightly more premium version of the regular Moto Razr, with a relatively bigger external display, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, and more.

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