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Does the Google Pixel 7a have wireless charging?

May 02, 2023May 02, 2023

Google finally brings its A-series phones into the future

Quick answer: Yes, the Google Pixel 7a supports wireless charging up to 5W with any Qi-certified BPP charger.

Google recently announced the newest addition to its mid-range phone lineup, the Google Pixel 7a. Building off the foundation it has created with previous releases, like the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the Pixel 7a offers a few new features that haven't been available in the A-series Pixel phones up to now. One of the biggest additions is the ability to wirelessly charge the Pixel 7a.

Wireless charging has become a huge benefit on many smartphones in recent years, and the Google Pixel 7a finally adds wireless charging to Google's mid-range lineup. Google says this is one of the many ways it has updated the A-series devices to help make them feel more premium while still offering mid-range pricing on the new devices.

Another benefit of the new wireless charging offer with the Pixel 7a is that it supports Qi Baseline Power Profile (BPP), making it easy to find a great wireless charger that will work for your device. Since the phone uses BPP, you can rely on any Qi-certified wireless charger — everything works with BPP. That means any of our favorite wireless chargers for the Pixel 7 will work on the Pixel 7a, so pick one up if you don't have one already.

Unlike more expensive devices, the wireless charging speed offered on the Pixel 7a isn't that fast. However, wireless charging is often more about convenience than overall speed. Google's specs claim the device will support up to 7.5W wireless charging, but Google clarified users should expect 5W charging when using a Qi-certified BPP charger. However, if you want to take advantage of faster charging, you’ll need to rely on the Pixel 7a's 18W wired charging.

Wireless charging on the Pixel 7a might not be the fastest, but it's still reliably convenient. Being able to plop your phone down on a charging stand or pad and not having to fish for wires is very handy, especially if you’re heading to bed and don't want to fumble in the dark to find your USB cable.

Luckily, the Pixel 7a relies on Qi-certified BPP wireless chargers, too, which means you can use pretty much any wireless charger you’ve purchased in the last decade, so long as it wasn't made specifically for the iPhone.

The Anker Powerwave II Stand offers a complete wireless charging package and is able to deliver up to 12W of power to smartphones that support wireless charging. In addition, it works with both Extended Power Profile (EPP) and Baseline Power Profile (BPP) devices, including the Pixel 7a.

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