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BLUETTI's AC180: Transforming Portable Power Stations for Adventurous Outdoors

Oct 12, 2023Oct 12, 2023

BLUETTI's innovative AC180 power station launches June 15. Delve into our coverage of its launch and advanced features and tech.

BLUETTI, a pioneering force in the energy storage industry, is gearing up to unveil the AC180, a new portable power station, on June 15. The AC180's launch promises to revamp the way explorers and outdoor enthusiasts interact with portable power sources, serving as a useful tool for emergency backup, unexpected blackouts, and outdoor excursions.

The AC180 seeks to enhance the off-grid lifestyle by offering a power station boasting an impressive 1800W constant output and 1152Wh capacity. It is intended to meet various power requirements, from essential home appliances to outdoor equipment. In addition, AC180's Power Lifting Mode offers a remarkable 2700W output, easily powering high-demand devices like kettles, hair dryers, and microwaves.

For those needing extra power, the AC180 can be coupled with either a B230 or B300 external battery. This partnership transforms the batteries into power banks, providing an additional power source. Purchasers of the AC180+B230/B300 bundle will receive a free P090D to DC7909 connection cable worth $89.

As for portability, the AC180 shines, packing significant power into a compact unit. It measures 340mmx247mmx317mm (H x W x H) and weighs only 17kg, making it a convenient travel companion. It's designed to occupy minimal space, making it an ideal addition to your next camping or road trip.

The AC180 ensures a reliable power source for off-grid adventures, supporting up to 1440W Turbo Charging. This feature allows for an 80% charge in approximately 45 minutes, meaning adventurers can have a full charge before hitting the road.

The AC180 is also equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. This system detects a power outage and seamlessly switches over in 20ms, ensuring no loss of data or hardware damage.

With the adoption of safe and durable LiFePO4 battery cells, the AC180 promises high security and longevity. BLUETTI provides a 5-year worry-free warranty for this product, setting it apart from most competitors in the market.

The AC180 features a 1.7-inch LCD display with a larger font size for clear visualization of power consumption and troubleshooting status. Additionally, real-time remote monitoring of the AC180 is made possible by the intelligent BLUETTI APP, facilitating system checks, working mode setups, and OTA updates.

James Ray, the marketing director of BLUETTI, stated, "Our R&D team has envisioned a power station with portability, capability, and cost performance. We’ve now made this vision a reality with the AC180."

The official launch of the AC180 is set for June 15. Though the debut price hasn't been confirmed, it is expected to be a competitively affordable solution worth waiting for. BLUETTI continues to uphold its commitment to sustainability and green energy solutions, contributing to a sustainable future for our planet while providing exceptional experiences for our homes.

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