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10 Ways to Convince Customers to Power Their Outdoor Kitchen With Propane

May 04, 2023May 04, 2023

Summer is here, and your customers are likely thinking about firing up the grill. Many of them are prepping their outdoor kitchens for use or building brand-new patio barbecue setups. Convincing your customers to use propane to power their outdoor appliances doesn't have to be a hard sell.

Start by understanding their current situation and energy requirements. Next, determine their concerns, pain points and goals. This will help you tailor your approach to their needs. Be sure to have some real-world examples, case studies or success stories from other customers who have switched to propane.

Lastly, having some incentives, promotions or flexible payment options up your sleeve will sweeten the deal and encourage a quick-switch solution.

Whether customers are setting up for the first time or converting to propane, this countdown of the top 10 benefits of propane-powered outdoor appliances can help you persuade your customers to use propane for their grilling, smoking and roasting needs.

Propane can power a multitude of outdoor kitchen appliances, including grills, stoves, ovens and heaters. This versatility allows your customers to create a comprehensive outdoor cooking space with all the amenities they will ever need.

Additionally, propane grills come in a wide range of designs and styles, allowing an aesthetically pleasing integration with other outdoor kitchen appliances and refrigerators to create a complete outdoor kitchen setup.

Propane cylinders are easily portable, making it convenient for your customers to create their outdoor kitchen wherever they would like. Effortless switching between propane cylinders also allows for uninterrupted cooking. Another great feature is that propane grills can be started with a simple push of a button, while charcoal grills require someone to start a fire and wood-fired grills need someone to feed the fire.

Propane is known for its reliability, even in extreme weather conditions. Make sure your customers also know that using propane for their outdoor kitchen means they’re not reliant on the electrical grid.

Having multiple power sources in a household is especially beneficial during power outages, allowing them to continue cooking whether they’re entertaining or providing necessities.

Many customers aren't aware that propane is a clean-burning fuel, producing fewer harmful emissions when compared to other fossil fuels. This makes it an eco-friendly option and reduces their carbon footprint. To some potential customers, this fact alone is enough to make the switch!

Another benefit to propane is that the cylinders are easy to store and require minimal space. They can also be stored outdoors, freeing up valuable indoor storage space. For customers with smaller grilling areas, this is always a bonus.

Propane grills are made to last and can withstand the elements, making them a highly reliable option for outdoor cooking. They also require significantly less maintenance than other types of grills. Your customers will be thrilled to know they don't have to clean up the ashes or dispose of charcoal or wood after cooking.

Consistent temperature control is an added benefit of propane-powered appliances. Customers can easily regulate the heat of a propane grill, allowing them to cook their food exactly how they want it.

Not only will they enjoy precise temperatures and evenly cooked meals, but propane is a fast-heating option, which means less time waiting for their grill or stove to reach the desired temperature. We doubt they will find anyone complaining about getting to enjoy their meal faster!

Some customers may have questions or concerns about the availability of propane in their area. Propane is readily available in just about every region, ensuring that your customers will always have access to the fuel they need to power their outdoor smokers and ovens. Be sure to let them know if you are one of the many suppliers of cylinders or if you offer the ability to refill cylinders with a propane dispenser. This will make it easy for them to keep their propane supply stocked and reduce concerns about running empty unexpectedly.

One of the top two questions from customers will be cost-related. Propane is typically more cost-effective than electricity, saving them money on fuel costs. Additionally, propane-powered appliances tend to be more energy-efficient, reducing their overall energy consumption. Last but not least, you’ll want your customers to know that their cylinders can also easily be exchanged with their local supplier. Better yet, an even more cost-effective option is for them to refill their cylinders at a propane refilling station.

This is almost always the customer's main concern. You can quickly reassure your customers by telling them about various safety features on propane tanks, such as pressure relief valves. These will ensure they always have a safe cooking environment for their family. Another great safety benefit is that propane grills do not produce harmful fumes or smoke. Additionally, this type of fuel is nontoxic and won't contaminate their food.

While you’re informing your customers and making the sale, remember that this is the first step to providing exceptional customer service. Ensure that your customer feels supported throughout the entire process. Offer assistance with any paperwork, permits or installations required that is within the scope of your company's abilities. Don't forget to provide ongoing customer support and be readily available to address any concerns or issues they may encounter.

Remember, effective communication and understanding your customer's needs are key to convincing them to switch to propane. Tailor your approach to their specific situation, address any concerns they may have, offer incentives and then seal the deal with these 10 reasons to power their outdoor kitchens and living spaces with propane.

Dingeman Kooijman, Pinnacle Propane's director — residential sales, joined Pinnacle in 2022 to spearhead the launch of sustainable fuels in the United States. Prior to Pinnacle Propane, Kooijman helped develop SHV Energy's global sustainable fuels program and began his career at Shell. He resides in the Dallas, Texas, area with his family.

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