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BLUETTI EB70 Portable Power Station Review

Jun 15, 2023Jun 15, 2023

Power stations are great to have for campers, hikers, and adventure seekers who love traveling and staying in remote locations. In addition, it's important to have in countries like the Philippines where power disruptions happen a lot.

Fortunately, there are brands like BLUETTI that offer a clean and alternative source of energy to make sure you have power even if you’re outside or out of electricity. One of their current offerings, the BLUETTI EB70 Power Station, aims to provide an alternative power source when you need it, under a reasonable price tag. But is it any good? We find out in our full review.

The BLUETTI EB70 comes with a wide array of ports so you can plug pretty much anything you need — from gadgets to appliances, as long as they are under 1,000W.

It has 4x 220V/20A AC outlets, which we were able to fill up by plugging an electric fan, a TV, a 65W MacBook charger, and a 30W smartphone charger during a recent power interruption — all without breaking a sweat.

This machine can even power a mini fridge for 4-6 hours, a small 600W electric cooker, and a basic rice cooker that's about 500W. Unfortunately, the 1,000W limit prohibits us from using an electric kettle and electric fryer.

For your gadgets, it has two USB-A ports at 5V/3A that could fully charge a standard 5,000mAh smartphone battery in about 1.5 to 2 hours.

It also has two USB-C ports with a combined output of 100W, which is great for MacBooks and other laptops that come with a USB-C to USB-C cable, as well as modern iPhone Lightning to USB-C cables — no wall adapter needed.

For safety measures, BLUETTI also included 12V DC outlets. Two of them are in a car outlet format and two are DC5521.

What we really appreciate is the included 15W wireless charging pad on top — a really nice touch. Plus, 15W is the fastest wireless charging that most phones support.

This is handy if you forgot your cable, or it suddenly ran out of juice on your trip, and you really need to recharge your device. Simply place it on the top of the device, and you’re good. Although, the contact can be finicky, so it might be best you if remove your phone's protective case to make it work.

To make things simple, the BLUETTI EB70 only has a single input port for charging. This 12-28V port can handle up to 200W of power, which is the maximum power that the included AC charger provides.

You can also charge the device using solar panels or your car's lighter port via that same input, with the right adapters included in the box.

The BLUETTI EB70 is made of plastic, yet it feels really robust. The color that we got here is Red, which looks really nice and easy to spot if you’re out in the woods camping. A more boring Gray variant is also available if you want that minimalist look.

Obviously, this thing is heavy weighing 9.7kg. Still, it's quite compact to fit the trunk of your car or even your passenger seat as it's only 12.6 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. It also has a foldable handle that's a bit thick, so it's comfortable to carry without needing to worry that it could breay.

Unfortunately, BLUETTI EB70 doesn't have any IP rating for dust and water-resistance. A power station doesn't really need it, but it's still good to have for extra peace of mind.

Overall, we really like the build on the EB70. Besides its killer looks, it's light and compact enough to be easily carried on trips, or in case you need it to be in a specific location inside your home in case of power interruptions.

The BLUETTI EB70 comes with a large display that shows the battery status in five bars: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. Each bar will blink to let you know what percentage you’re currently using or charging it from.

It also shows the current wattage it outputs when you’ve plugged something and the wattage it inputs when the power station itself is charging. It also shows a low-battery alert and if you’re in ECO mode.

The display also shows Short-circuit alert and an Overload alert. We really like the Overload alert since the device will immediately cut the power if you’re plugging an appliance with a higher wattage than it can deliver. This means that you don't have to fear that it will unexpectedly blow up or something.

BLUETTI EB70 also has a Temperature Anomaly alert, so make sure you’re using it under the recommended operating temperature: -4-104℉ (-20-40℃).

To use the ports, there are tiny buttons next to the 4x AC ports, the 4x USB ports and cigarette lighter, and the flashlight. The light turns green to let you know that they are on. The said buttons will also light up the display when you want to check the wattage it's running on.

Oh, and there's the said emergency flashlight with three modes. Press it once for full brightness, press it again for half brightness, and press it the third time to enter SOS mode where it will blink constantly. It's quite useful if you need it, especially when you travel and go adventures with no access to electricity.

The BLUETTI EB70 can be charged in three ways: via the included 200W AC adapter, through a solar panel, or through car input. We tested the included 200W AC adapter, which is quite bulky but is expected for the device it needs to power. It comes with its own LED light that conveniently tells you if the charging is complete once it turns green from red.

In our tests with the AC adapter, a full charge took about five hours and thirty minutes. We periodically checked the wattage intake and we saw it charging at 189W, then at 179W, back to 189W, and sometimes as low as 13W. Charging it at a constant 180W to 200W would’ve made it faster, but that would probably damage the battery, so it's done with longevity and safety in mind.

We weren't able to try the 200W solar charging, but BLUETTI said it can do it for about 4.5 hours — which is the same time as their AC adapter claims. If you’re planning on taking long camping trips or living off-grid, we suggest you get BLUETTI's PV200S or PV350S solar panels as they will let you continuously use the device without the traditional power source. Plus, they are foldable, so they are easy to store, carry, and set up.

The longest charging method is the 12V/24V Car outlet as it could take 7.5 hours. Adding the gas you’d be spending, there's no point in using it unless you’re in rare occasions when you really need to.

The BLUETTI EB70 sure is a great starter for beginners or those who are not entirely familiar with power stations. You can think of it and use it just like an enormous power bank that can power bigger appliances. And if you start getting really into it, and you decide to live completely off-grid, it's flexible enough to be used outdoors on its own as it works with almost all solar panels to charge.

It can power your workstation, entertainment appliances, cooling fans, and other products so you can comfortably work, be entertained, or live when you’re camping or if there's power interruption — which happens a lot in countries like the Philippines.

While it the largest battery out there, it's still capable enough to power most day-to-day necessities. The best part is, it is actually reasonably priced.

The BLUETTI EB70 is available in the Philippines for a price of Php28,999. You can get it on Shopee and Lazada.



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