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Best LED sand lamp and wireless charger deal: 33% off

Aug 03, 2023Aug 03, 2023

TL;DR: A light, charger, and artwork all in one — the Moving Sand Lamp(opens in a new tab) by E.P. Light is on sale for just $85.99 as of May 11. That's 33% off the usual price of $129.

Sometimes, you get lucky and find a piece of furniture that's as practical as it is pleasant to look at. The right decor can light up a room, and this Moving Sand Lamp certainly does that and more. This beautiful LED lamp(opens in a new tab) also comes with a built-in charger and a few other memorable features, and you can pick one up for $85.99 (reg. $129).

If you’re looking for a unique lamp(opens in a new tab), it may be a bright idea to check this out. The Moving Sand LED Table Lamp has an illuminated arch surrounding a circular glass frame containing vibrant sand that falls in gentle hills whenever you turn it in place.

The LED arch produces up to 2,280 lumens of light at adjustable color temperatures. Fill your office with warm light to work by or illuminate your living room for game night. And if you want to just sit and watch the delicate tumbling of red and pink sand, just flip the 360-degree rotatable frame. Don't worry about knocking it over. The sponge anti-skid pad on the bottom should help keep it in place and prevent scratches on your furniture.

The base of this lamp is actually hiding a 5W wireless charger. Keep your sand lamp on your nightstand so you can set your phone down to charge and watch the sand until you fall asleep. If you have another device that needs to recharge, just plug it into the subtle USB port hidden in the base.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching piece for your home or office that's pretty, practical, and affordable, just wait until you see this lamp.

Get the Moving Sand Lamp with Wireless Charging(opens in a new tab) while it's on sale for only $85.99 (reg. $129).

Prices subject to change.

TL;DR Go against the grain with an LED Moving Sand Lamp Save on a piece of art that charges your phone