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Take Up to 80% Off Power Banks During This Week's Amazon's Sale

Jun 18, 2023Jun 18, 2023

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Best-sellers are up to 80 percent off.

Keeping your devices powered is made easier when you have a portable charger or power bank handy. These battery packs can be used to charge your smartphone or laptop while you're away from outlets, whether you're on the move or completely off the grid. While handy, though, portable batteries can come at high price tags depending on the model and charging power you're looking for. This week, Amazon is having a major sale on power banks—and by major, we mean up to 80 percent off.

Now, not all portable batteries are designed the same. The capacity of power banks ranges widely: The larger the capacity, the larger device the pack is able to charge. The average portable charger hovers in the 10,000mAh (milliamp hours) capacity, but larger mAh will charge your laptop or phone a couple of times over.

Just note that the higher the capacity, it's more likely the pack will be heavier and more expensive. It's good to keep portability in mind when choosing a power bank so you’ll be able to bring it along wherever you go.

Below, we’ve broken down the best portable chargers and power banks on sale on Amazon to help you find the right option for your needs. The limited-time Amazon deals on power banks are likely to come and go, so you’ll want to act fast if you’ve been waiting to snag one.

This pack of two chargers is on major sale. The portable chargers have a 15,000mAh capacity, two USB-A ports, and one Micro-USB port. You can charge two devices at the same time. Plus, this portable charger has overcharge protection for your devices. The USB-C port is input only, so you’re only able to use that port to charge the power bank, not to charge your devices.

Amazon Review: "Exactly what I was looking for, what I wanted, and was delivered. Nice price, great performance; no surprise I ordered more for my friends and family. Would be nice if there was a type-C output, but otherwise, no criticism here."

If you're taking your portable charger on a rough-and-tumble adventure, this is the power bank you'll want to purchase. It's waterproof (rated IP67), drop-proof, and dustproof, thanks to the strong and durable ABS material.

The 42,800mAh capacity is a considerably high volume, so it's a great choice for multiple charges of bigger devices. It has two USB-A outputs and one Micro-USB output. You can plug the device in or let it slowly power up via solar charging.

Amazon Review: "I have to say I’m impressed with its performance. The power bank is lightweight and portable, making it a great travel companion for anyone who needs to keep their devices charged on the go. I even brought it with me on a recent snowboarding trip in the mountains, and it was a lifesaver."

The standout feature of this 40,000mAh power bank is the LED screen display to let you know how much power is left in the portable battery. It has two USB-A ports, one Micro-USB port, and one USB-C port. You can charge three devices at the same time and it even has a built-in flashlight. It's not too big, either; Amazon claims it will fit in most pant pockets.

Amazon Review: "For the power, it still is relatively compact in size and can easily be put in a pocket... The LED display is a plus as it gives you a readout of the remaining power it has. It seems very sturdy and was sold at a very competitive price. Overall, I am extremely happy with this."

This mini power bank has a built-in Lightning output, making it the only power bank on this list that doesn't require a charging cable. It's much smaller than a regular power bank — the shape and design let it plug right into your phone's charging port and stay there (it also comes with a Lightning-to-USB-C adapter for non-iOS devices).

The 8,000mAh capacity will juice up your phone efficiently, but it will need to be recharged more than other picks on this list.

Amazon Review: "This power bank is about the size of a lipstick [tube], which makes it perfect to throw in your purse. It's not too big and bulky. I like that this power bank doesn't require any additional cords. It also gives a good charge to recharge a dead phone."

For charging larger devices like your laptop or tablet, this 20,000mAh portable charger is a good pick. It has one USB-C port and two USB-A ports and can charge multiple devices at once, which is a huge plus. There's a numerical LED indicator on the power bank that indicates how much power is left in the battery. Baseus says the device can be fully recharged in two hours.

Amazon Review: "I bought this battery bank in anticipation of a week-long trip to California and it absolutely was the MVP of the trip... The ‘charge while charging’ feature is an absolute godsend because we could charge our devices in the few hours of the day we had access to an outlet. 10/10 would recommend to anyone interested."

Though on the pricey side, this 25,000mAh pick from Iniu can handle your laptop, tablet, and smartphone charges. Again, there's a handy LED display so you know how much power the portable charger has. The on-the-go battery has two USB-C ports and one USB-A port and conveniently comes with one USB-A to USB-C and one USB-C to USB-C cable. It also comes with a handy carrying pouch.

Amazon Review: "Best power bank I’ve ever owned. Admittedly, it takes a while to charge up, but it holds that power very well. I use it at work. When my phone gets down to about 30 percent, this power bank charges it back up to about 90 percent in around 20 minutes. I’ve charged three phones at the same time from around 50 to 100 percent in less than 30 minutes and the power bank still had 90 percent of its power. The little phone holder is a nice touch, and I love the bag. Keeps my charger and the included cables together very neatly."

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