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Best Qi wireless portable chargers and power banks 2023

Jan 01, 2024Jan 01, 2024

Refill your battery on the go without messing around with cables.

The best Qi wireless charging battery allows you to charge whenever, wherever, and however you want. Did you leave your cable at home? Charge wirelessly! Do you need a quicker burst of power for an almost dead phone? Plug in for a faster charge. While Qi wireless charging battery packs aren't quite as popular as traditional power banks, the best wireless charging portable chargers will keep you topped off and ready to roll no matter where you've camped out during your daily errands.

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Wide compatibility

The new PowerCore III has USB-C input and output, fixing the flaw of its last model. The Qi wireless charging coil supports Samsung's 10W profile, Apple's 7.5W, standard 5W, and can even charge small devices like wireless earbud cases.

Keep watching

Most wireless chargers force you to crane over your phone flat on the desk while they charge, but Aukey built in a kickstand and ledge to rest your phone on so you can continue to binge while recharging.

Fashionable and functional

This wireless charging power bank may only charge at 5W, but it's affordable, sports two wired USB ports for charging extra devices simultaneously, and comes covered in a fantastic feeling fabric in red or charcoal gray.

At home and on the go

When it's at home, this phone-sized charging pad works just like any other. When you unplug it, it turns into a 10,000mAh power bank that you can use to charge your phone wirelessly or wired while out on the road.

Unplug and play

The InfinaCore P3 Pandora Portable Power Bank is a genius charging solution. This versatile 18W PD wall charger sports a rubber pad and wireless charging coil on the side to charge your phone wirelessly. When unplugged, it converts into an 8,000mAh power bank. You get two USB-A ports, a Type-C port, and an LED display to indicate power output.

Upgrade pick

It's great to have a few OtterSpot Qi batteries to swap around and use on the fly, but building up that system is going to cost you big. The base system comes with one charging base and one portable OtterSpot battery.

Adventure friendly

Bring this IPX5 waterproof, portable, high-capacity power bank along with you on your next camping adventure, no cables necessary. Along with solar charging capabilities, it doubles up as a 20,000mAh wireless power bank and Qi wireless charger and even includes a flashlight and compass kit.

Versatile buy

The Satechi Duo Wireless Charger Stand packs 10,000 milliamps in a sleek and portable body and has an actual stand built-in. It has two 10W Qi wireless charging coils inside so you can charge two devices at once. If you choose to use it with a cable, Samsung, Google, and Apple phones can charge at an 18W fast charging speed.

Snap it on

Mophie is a brand owned by ZAGG that specializes in wireless charging tech. The cutesy 5,000mAh Snap+ Juice Pack Mini supports MagSafe charging on iPhones but you can also use it with any Qi wireless charging Android device. It'll even snap on magnetically thanks to the adhesive metal ring accessory in the box.

Minimalist design

Moshi's Porto Q is a 5,000mAh portable battery pack with an understated fabric finish. This splendid device tops up Qi wireless charging devices over the air. As a safety feature, the LED lights warn you when a metal object is placed above the wireless charging coil.

Accident proof

Techsmarter's on-the-go charging solution is a brilliant contraption to avoid accidents. The 20,000mAh battery back has tiny suction cups on the wireless charging area, holding on to your phone for dear life.

Longevity champion

You get a whopping 30,800mAh battery with the FOCHEW Wireless Portable Charger, along with 15W Qi wireless charging. You also get two QC 4.0 compatible USB A ports, one Type-C PD port, and a Micro USB port. No to mention, the LED indicator looks pretty neat.

We have some Qi power banks from traditional power players like Anker's PowerCore III 10K, and most mainstream brands are finally in the portable Qi game. Most Android phones that support wireless charging can be juiced up with Qi-enabled chargers, even if they have propriety charging profiles for wireless charging. You might not reach the top wireless charging speed, but they'll definitely work. Not clear about how all of it works? Read our explainer on wireless fast charging and how it works.

If the price for the Anker's 10,000mAh model is a little too steep, consider the Aukey Basix Pro with its higher capacity and kickstand for topping off while you keep watching that live stream.

Meanwhile, iOttie iON Wireless Go has a slightly larger profile and a softer and more premium look, which makes it great for travelers looking for a power bank that will draw the right kind of attention during that four-hour boardroom meeting.

Wireless chargers by their very nature will lose more power during the charging process than regular wired chargers. Qi charging has a lower transfer efficiency, so more energy is lost generating the wireless charging current than lost through wired charging. It will be slower than wired charging on almost any wireless charger on a power bank today. That's just how the science involved here works. That said, charging with a Qi bank rather than a USB-C cable sticking out of your pocket or tangled around your desk can be a very beneficial thing, especially on the go.

On the note of pocket charging, wireless charging generates heat, so if you intend to slap your phone on a wireless charger in your pocket, you need to be mindful of that heat and its possible buildup. You should also make sure the phone stays properly aligned on your power bank instead of sliding around and not getting charged at all.

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